• Mar 16 Mon 2009 19:13
  • To ATO

Dear ATO:

I have a dream.

The dream is you never confused and hurt with love anymore.

I hope the people of our family will health and happy.

Our friendship will get better & better.

We just like brothers.

Not only Machi.

So I wish you are fine wherever you are.

My brother, you are good enough to get love from any girl.

Please trust your mind and heart.

Because they are the most important thing that you have.

I hope you can real know that you want and make it ture.


From your best machi, Alfie...



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  • ATo
  • my bro,
    thanks for ur cheer.
    i know what i m really r bcs u.
    life is change after met u.
    i will find somebody i can love and love me soon~
    and wish u could get what u need deeply in ur mind.
    hope we have a wonderful future.

    for my bro. Ato